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Daily Bloggers:

Don at The New York Times Crossword in Gothic serves up beautiful graphics and photographs inspired by that day’s puzzle. The most gorgeous crossword blog on the web. Terse reviews.  We like.
Deb Amlen (author of It’s Not PMS:  It’s You) writes and presides over Wordplay, the official New York Times Puzzle blog. Deb’s signature fun-and-sometimes-irreverent voice shines through.
L.A. Times Crossword Corner
Amy Reynaldo writes Diary of a Crossword Fiend, the mother of all crossword blogs.  Amy (and others) blog a lineup of crosswords, including Crossword Nation on Tuesdays!
Rex Parker
WEB’s New York Times Solution A minimalist’s dream. Just the facts. Period.

Crossword Blogs and the Other-Sphere

Jim Horne
Jim’s site revolutionized the way solvers and constructors quantify New York Times puzzles
The JimH Crossword Blog 
Wordplay:  The official crossword blog of The New York Times chose Jim as its inaugural blogger

____________________________________________________ If I were exiled to the island of ELBA, and allowed only one URL, I’d take this one. Kevin McCann has masterfully constructed a website that’s the crossword world’s Library of Congress.  It’s rich, deep and wide with information for budding constructors, hard-core solvers, and everyone in between.  Pure gold.
Matt Gaffney’s Weekly Crossword Contest:  The super-talented and prolific Mr. Gaffney keeps you on your toes with a weekly contest. 
The Puzzle Brothers: Dave and Robert Mackey
Patrick Merrell — artist, puzzlemaker, all-around great person
Alex Boisvert
Helene Hovanec — prolific author of puzzle books for kids, and ACPT  coordinator extraordinaire
Word Salad (The Nation) Kosman and Picciotto on their Nation puzzle, cryptic crosswords, wordplay and puzzles in general
Patrick Blindauer – innovative, fantastic, upbeat!
An Englishman Solves American Puzzles – Ross Beresford and Magdalen
David Steinberg 
Peter Muller
Robin Stears prolific, witty; Stears is multi-talented and sports the most fill-friendly crossword surname in the biz


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