crossword clue: “World’s newest nation” (ten letters)

It’s not every day that you hear about the birth of a nation. South Sudan, only a few days old, faces challenges associated with newly-independent states. In recognizing South Sudan, President Obama described the country’s struggle for independence.

There’s jubilation on the streets of JUBA, the nation’s largest city and capital.


And Salva KIIR is South Sudan’s new president.

There’s jubilation among crossword writers too  — JUBA, KIIR!  Important words to remember, as they’ll appear in crosswords soon.  I like the global/educational component of crosswords. The things we learned in jr. high –world geography, continents, world capitals — seem even more relevant today.

My personal preference:  I like solving crosswords that include a liberal dose of international “trivia” — not just “American” (local) stuff.  One puzzle market (now defunct) would disallow “foreign” words or references.  I once tried making a puzzle under those xenophobic restrictions; I almost jumped out the window. Depressing and dangerous. Why exclude the world?

What’s your preference?  Do you think crosswords should go international or stay local?

South Sudan’s motto is:  Justice, Liberty, Prosperity.  May the people of the world’s newest country enjoy a bright future built upon those principles.

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2 Responses to crossword clue: “World’s newest nation” (ten letters)

  1. Joanne says:

    Xenophobia should NOT be catered to, in my opinion! We live in a globalized world, after all!

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