Crossword fill: Zuck Everlasting

Facebook’s recent IPO may have been botched, but some of us have profited in small, concrete ways.

To some members of the press,  Zuckerberg is a “brat tycoon” or a “billionaire boy-man” — a lucky whiz kid who rode the tech wave by being at the right place at the right time.

Come on, I’d give the man more credit than that.

Anyway . . . the publicity has increased my crossword vocab by one g-rated, four-letter word:  ZUCK. Mark Zuckerberg’s nickname has grid appeal.  Since your standard crossword puzzle contains more 4-letter words than other lengths, I’m always looking for new candidates.  It’s an excellent fill word: strange, unexpected and unique. Like Zuckerberg himself.

There’s only one ZUCK.  Welcome!

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One Response to Crossword fill: Zuck Everlasting

  1. Je me рermets de ƿoster ce petit com simplement pour remercier l’auteur

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