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Crossword Nation’s weekly puzzle is offered through Stand Alone’s Crosswords app: available for iPhone/iPad, Mac OS X, Android and webOS devices

Crossword Nation is a premium provider for Stand Alone.  Enjoy a new puzzle each Tuesday!  LEARN MORE


New!  Crossword Packs from Stand Alone

For Mobile Solving:

You asked for them, and we heard you!  Crossword Nation puzzles are now available in 20-puzzle packs.  Click on each pack to order:

⋆Crossword Nation Vol. 1, # 1-20
⋆Crossword Nation Vol. 2, #21-40
⋆Crossword Nation Vol. 3, # 41-60
⋆Crossword Nation Vol. 4, # 61-80 
⋆Crossword Nation Vol. 5, # 81-100
⋆Crossword Nation Vol. 6, # 101-120
⋆Crossword Nation Vol. 7, # 121-140
⋆Crossword Nation Vol. 8, # 141-160
⋆Crossword Nation Vol. 9, # 161-180
⋆Crossword Nation Vol. 10, # 181-200
⋆Crossword Nation Vol. 11, # 201-220
⋆Crossword Nation Vol. 12, # 221-240
⋆Crossword Nation Vol. 13, # 241-260 (Newest Volume!)


Don’t miss a single puzzle of our series.  Start solving today!


Gold Book 100 Pack 2 tight crop

Special Release:  

Crossword Nation Centennial Edition!

On December 21, 2013 crossword fans throughout the world celebrated the Crossword Puzzle Centennial.  To toast 100 years of insanely-good fun, Crossword Nation offers this exclusive 100-puzzle value pack for mobile solving. Enjoy many hours of solving for one low price.

The value pack is available through our partners at Stand Alone. Learn More