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Greetings Dear Solver,

I’ve partnered with Crossword Nation to provide unique crosswords for solvers who love high-quality puzzles.  I believe that easy-to-medium crosswords (Monday/Tuesday level) can be funny, interesting, timely and fresh.

Would you like to finish puzzles with an “aha” instead of a “huh?” If so, Crossword Nation puzzles are for you.

As a subscriber, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Priority status. You’re first in line to receive CN Gold box refour newest puzzles, fresh off the press every Tuesday.
  • Upbeat themes inspired by cinema, music, art, the classics, pop culture, today’s scandals and feel-good news.
  • Quality.  Our test solvers insist on it!
  • Continuous service. You’ll receive a new 15×15 puzzle every Tuesday, all year long. 
  • Convenience.  We’ll do the heavy lifting — let our puzzles come to you. Sign up for Crossword Nation by Email (details below).


For Computer and Print Solving:

Crossword Nation by Email

Subscribe to Crossword Nation puzzles through our convenient email service.  Every Tuesday you’ll receive our beautiful, freshly-crafted puzzle in your email box.  Solve on your computer.  Or print the PDF and solve on paper.  The choice is yours!

Added feature for subscribers:  Each week you’ll receive my personalized commentary (no spoilers — just good ol’ wordplay and constructor musings!) tailored to that week’s crossword.   

Try before you buy!  Try the free sample puzzles posted on our subscription page.

At less than 29 cents per puzzle, you will receive year-round delivery of our weekly crossword.  For introductory pricing and ordering information, please CLICK HERE.

Gift subscriptions are available, as well — they’re perfect birthday gifts for all puzzle fans!


Elizabeth C. Gorski


What Solvers Are Saying

“Fun… fresh… innovative… Liz is here to help you rediscover the joy in a well-constructed “easy-ish” puzzle, showing you week after week that it’s possible to come up with new themes that keep even advanced solvers amused and interested. And for the super-advanced solvers out there — I’ve found these puzzles very helpful to me in my own training for the ACPT, which has two easy-ish puzzles in every tournament … I can’t imagine any crossword lover not being happy with Liz’s Crossword Nation puzzles”

Anne Erdmann
Four-Time Top-3 Finalist, American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
Champaign, IL


“Crossword Nation puzzles are great fun to solve, whether you’re new to crosswords, just want to relax over a cup of coffee, or a seasoned solver looking for creative, clever cluing. Ms. Gorski chooses playful clues and phrases across a wide variety of topics, so that you’ll always have a challenging but fair puzzle.”

Howard Barkin
Two-Time Finalist, American Crossword Puzzle Tournament


“Crossword Nation rocks! My favorite puzzle artist is Elizabeth Gorski. Her work is the most interesting and entertaining. Once, last year, I cleared my completed puzzles by Liz on my iPad just so I could solve them again. Ms. Gorski’s mix of subjects and themes is the best there is, anywhere. I love the way she thinks, and I find myself laughing out loud or shouting in frustration when solving them. They’re not the easiest, and not the hardest. They’re just right! Keep up the fine work you do, Liz, you have a big fan in Buffalo!”

Chet Kelley
The Chet Kelley Sound Co.
Buffalo, New York