Free Puzzle — Crossword Nation Celebrates the 19th Amendment


Why is this day, August 26th, important for men and women? Forbes breaks it down.

Earlier this week, Crossword Nation subscribers received our Tuesday puzzle (“Sex Symbol” — Crossword No. 325) as part of the subscription series. Because the puzzle commemorates an August 26th event and the 19th Amendment, we’ve shared this free PDF for all to solve.

 Click here to print the PDF.

Those who know my work are familiar with the connect-the-dot puzzle genre. It’s a puzzle-on-puzzle convention. Simply complete the puzzle; then connect the circled letters — A through M — to reveal the secret theme. (Don’t be thrown off by the “Sex Symbol” title — all will be clear when you complete the puzzle!)

To access the puzzle answers and Janie Smulyan’s review, please check out Amy Reynaldo’s blog, “Diary of A Crossword Fiend.”

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Cruciverbally yours,

Elizabeth C. Gorski



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