Jim Horne’s Xwordinfo Launches “Constructor Notes”


This just in from the Crossword Nation newsroom …

We’ve received the following announcement from Jeff Chen — the excellent and creative New York Times puzzle constructor — who’s launching a new feature on Jim Horne’s already-feature-rich xwordinfo.com:

Today xwordinfo.com launches new features! 

“Constructor Notes” will accompany some solution grids, giving commentary about the puzzle from the constructor him/herself. Additionally, “Will Shortz’s Notes” will occasionally give a tidbit of color from the Puzzlemaster himself. Finally, “Jeff’s Notes” will be added, giving technical commentary about the puzzle construction.

 We hope these Notes will show more of the human side behind the New York Times crossword. Here’s a link to today’s:


I hope you’ll check out “Constructor Notes,” and explore the many benefits Jim’s website offers to constructors and solvers.

BTW, my “Constructor Notes” will appear this weekend in conjunction with my New York Times crossword on Sunday, August 18.  I hope you’ll enjoy the puzzle.  Okay, then — see you there.  Congratulations, Jeff and Jim!

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