Lollapuzzoola 5 crossword tournament this Saturday!

If Lollapuzzoola were a publicly-traded security, Jamie Dimon could have actually made money in stocks. There’s no better bang for your cruciverbal buck. Honestly, it’s cheaper to attend this tournament than it is to stay home, order in pizza and run the AC all day . . . and exponentially more fun!

At LPZ5, you’ll schmooze, solve and nosh.  You’ll amass a surplus of endorphins that’ll keep you smiling until further notice.  Promise!

Check out the constructor lineup:  Patrick Blindauer, Matt Gaffney, Elizabeth Gorski (yours truly!), Mike Nothnagel, Tony Orbach, Doug Peterson, and Karen M Tracey. Bonus game by Todd McClary and Patrick Berry.

Need I say more?  Brian Cimmet spells it out on the LPZ5 website. Register now.  Tell your friends.  Tell your enemies.  (After they experience an LPZ tourney, they’ll be your friends.)  See you Saturday!

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