Crossword Nation.  Over 50 million people, and counting. That’s how many Americans solve crosswords each week.*  In the 19 years since my first puzzle was published, I’ve been privileged to correspond with many of those solvers:  You, the Problem Solver.  I salute you!

I believe that solving crosswords — micro-solving — empowers us with skills to face life’s challenges.

Because when you’re a Problem Solver . . .

  • Your boss wants to hire 100 people just like you

  • You’re the better student (the better cook, tennis player . . . fill in the blank)

  • You empower your children, by example, with problem-solving skills they will use for a lifetime

  • You improve your community by being the solution, not the problem

  • You are mentally vibrant and proactive every day of your life

Whether you’re a top speed solver who knocks off a Sunday puzzle in minutes; or an I’ll-take-my-sweet-time crossword solver  (like me!) — solving any problem is just plain good sense.

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Ever In Your Corner,


* per Dean Olsher in  From Square One