In 2010 I was asked to make a one-off, 20-puzzle set of fun, accessible “Tuesday-level” puzzles. I loved the challenge! After the set was published, a funny thing happened. Folks wrote in, asking: “These puzzles are great . . . so, where’s Puzzle 21?” The emails piled up. Neighbors knocked on my door.

Pretty soon it became clear — either I make more puzzles, or slink around the apartment and not answer the door! That’s when Crossword Nation was born. To satisfy the thirst for good Tuesday-level puzzles, I would hand-craft a new crossword each week which would be published within days of creation.

In June of 2011, we published our inaugural puzzle. 240 weeks later, we’re still going strong!

At Crossword Nation, we use the farm-to-table model made popular by farmers’ markets. Our puzzles are delivered to you at the peak of freshness. They’re as fragrant as juicy summer strawberries — served to you with loving care. Each week we present a new themed puzzle for your solving pleasure.

If you’re interested in a new type of early-in-the-week puzzle, please join our Crossword Nation family by subscribing to the weekly puzzle. You can also get them through our digital partners at Stand Alone. You’ll receive a sparkling, brand-new crossword every Tuesday. Solve for a relaxing challenge; or use our brainteasers to train for your next crossword tournament. Our puzzles are fun, accessible and sure to make you smile! Thank you for visiting, and see you at the grid.

Ever In Your Corner,