Mothers Who Solve Crosswords and the People Who Love Them

Crossword Mother's Day

I never tire of hearing solvers say:  “I watched my mother solve crosswords and that’s how I got into puzzles.”

To all the amazing women who demonstrated their love of words to their children:

We thank you for sharing the art of problem-solving.

For ideating.

For elating.

For inspiring us from here to AGRA and back.

We are in awe of you every single day.  Thank you, Mom!


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Easter Greetings and Crossword Alert

If you are a Sunday solver, don’t miss tomorrow’s New York Times crossword. I constructed it with the hope that it’ll bring a smile to your face.

And speaking of smiles … these Riverside Park daffodils seem to be laughing in the sun. What joy! I wish you and your family a Happy Easter.

This Wordsworth poem celebrates daffodils, the trumpets of the spring symphony.

The Earth Laughs In Flowers

The Earth Laughs In Flowers


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New! Elizabeth Gorski’s Connect-the-Dots Crosswords book from Puzzazz

Connect-the-Dots Crosswords

The first solve-and-draw crossword ebook is on sale now!

Elizabeth C. Gorski, inventor of the connect-the-dots puzzle form, invites you to experience the future of puzzles solving. Puzzazz has developed the first digital crossword solving app that draws on screen! Solve these Sunday-size 21x puzzles and then connect the dots to reveal beautiful (and realistic) line drawings.

 Click here to try a free sample puzzle and learn more about this special volume.


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