Merl Reagle — Multi-Talented Innovator in the World of Crosswords


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I’m shocked by the sudden passing of Merl Reagle, whose unique crossword-writing style and sparkling humor will never be matched. The loss to our community is immeasurable.

Our hearts go out to Merl’s wife, Marie, and the Reagle family.

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Update, 10 pm: The LA Times reports on this sad story.

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Elizabeth C. Gorski crossword — “City Blocks” rocks!

215Crossworders, our latest puzzle — “City Blocks” — has earned super-sweet reviews on the blogs. City and country folk have become fans of our contemporary approach to publishing crosswords. Thank you for your support!

We offer puzzle fans a fresh alternative to traditional puzzle outlets. Some newspapers store puzzles on their shelves for months — or even years!

At Crossword Nation, we do things differently. We use the farm-to-table model made popular by farmers markets. Our puzzles are delivered to you at the peak of freshness. They’re as fragrant as juicy summer strawberries — served to you with loving care, and within days of creation. Our puzzles are always fresh — never frozen.

It’s Week 215 at Crossword Nation. Our editors are fully engaged and dedicated to serve you every week. No distractions. Just good, honest puzzles with original themes that make you want to come back for seconds.

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You may read about our puzzles (spoiler warning: answers are disclosed) on Amy Reynaldo’s blog, Diary of a Crossword FiendJanie Smulyan reviews Crossword Nation puzzles on Tuesdays.

Subscribers receive early-bird delivery each Monday night.

Not a subscriber?  Check out some free sample puzzles and try us on for size.

Thank you for visiting our little house of puzzles!

 ~ Liz ~



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New York Times Crossword by Elizabeth C. Gorski



Good morning, friends! We’re back to work after a red-white-and-blue July 4th weekend staycation in NYC. We’d like to share a tidbit of crossword news.

 If you’re a solver with a Sunday-sized appetite, please try my “Heads of State” puzzle which appeared on Independence Day weekend, in the Sunday New York Times (July 5).

In case you’re wondering . . . “Independence” isn’t a spoiler. Just one of my favorite words — a concept we celebrate every day, and especially meaningful this year.  Have a great week!



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