Orts is Patrick Merrell’s New Website

CrosswordNation_ortsHi all!  Patrick Merrell — our friend, crossword constructor, artist and author of Zep — has a shiny-new website. Aptly named ORTS, the new site is (in Patrick’s words) “an original collection of never-used, new, and repurposed stuff from my 37 years as a freelance artist, graphic designer, writer, and puzzlemaker.”

I love the upbeat format because Patrick’s unique humor shines through on every page. On February 12 he teased us with this juicy morsel:  “What do you call someone who reknits a pair of socks?”

Head out to ORTS to find the answer!


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Crossword Contest Alert!

Gift boxes

George Barany has informed us of this latest crossword competition titled “Eliminating the Competition.”

The rules and contest deadline (Tuesday, February 8, 2016) are spelled out on the website.

Make sure to enter the contest — maybe you’ll be the one who eliminates the competition.  (You’ll never know, if you don’t enter.)  Good luck!


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World Peace Word Ladder — Week No. 236


Crossworders, our latest puzzle — World Peace Word Ladder — is a calm and friendly diversion. (For details: Janie Smulyan reviews this puzzle on Amy Reynaldo’s blog)

May your week be merry and bright.  Sincerely,


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 ~ Liz ~


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