George Barany’s “A Cryptic Tribute” and release of “The Imitation Game”

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to one and all!

For puzzlers who eagerly await the release of “The Imitation Game” later this week, you can get an enigmatic head start on the festivities by solving George Barany’s puzzle “A Cryptic Tribute.”

Originally published in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Dr. Barany’s excellent puzzle will have you cogitating all through Thanksgiving dinner and beyond.

To avoid spoilers and maximize your solving experience I shall refrain further elaboration.  Please proceed in this order:

Part I:  Solve the puzzle (“A Cryptic Tribute”) by clicking HERE.

Part II:  AFTER you’ve solved the puzzle, check out Hayley Gold’s wonderful comic HERE.

That’s it!  A splendid holiday week diversion in just two easy parts! I suggest that you take your time solving the puzzle and savor the beauty of the construction.

Many thanks to Dr. Barany for sharing this special puzzle with us. Have a delicious and abundant Thankgiving!




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Crossword Nation Week 181: “Rescue Squad” puzzle

Crossword Nation Week 181

Crossword Nation Week 181: “Rescue Squad”

This week’s puzzle “Rescue Squad” has been delivered to our mobile and email subscribers.  I shall refrain from citing the inspiration for the puzzle (it’s a recent event), as it might give away the theme. (Puzzle constructors should talk less anyway.) And so, off we go!


You may read about our puzzles (spoiler warning: answers are disclosed) on Amy Reynaldo’s blog, Diary of a Crossword Fiend. Janie Smulyan reviews Crossword Nation puzzles on Tuesdays.

Subscribers receive early-bird delivery each Monday night.

Not a subscriber?  Check out some free sample puzzles and try us on for size.

Thank you for visiting our little house of puzzles!

 ~ Liz ~


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Wall Street Journal Crossword by ECG is up!

WSJ Crossword

When I’m not editing and creating puzzles for Crossword Nation, it’s fun to rustle up a puzzle or two for other markets.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Mike Shenk, the excellent crossword editor of The Wall Street Journal.  I’m a huge fan of this newspaper’s weekend edition.  Please try today’s Sunday-size, 21x puzzle — a swinging, leisurely TGIF diversion for crossword fans.

You can solve the WSJ puzzle or (or download and print) the puzzle here.

Have a great weekend!

 ~ Liz ~


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