For over 23 years, Liz Gorski’s puzzles have appeared in major publishing markets worldwide. Here’s what leading authorities are saying:


“Elizabeth Gorski’s crosswords display a virtuoso’s touch. Longtime solvers know they’re in for a delightful ride when they see her byline.”
–Mike Shenk, The Wall Street Journal

“Liz Gorski is a true Renaissance woman who has taken the art of crossword grid design to never-before-seen dimensions.”
–John M. Samson, Simon & Schuster

“During my 12 years as crossword editor of the Los Angeles Times and the Crosswords Club, I’ve edited thousands of puzzles. Liz Gorski has always been a regular contributor, and her work is consistently among the best. Her themes are clever and original, her puzzle content is fresh and contemporary, and her clues are lively and entertaining.
–Rich Norris, Los Angeles Times and the former Crosswords Club editor

“Elizabeth Gorski is a crossword artist . . . she creates her own special magic with crosswords.  Elegantly creative and unconventional. ”
–Jim Horne, The New York Times, Wordplay



  • Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes Interviews Elizabeth C. Gorski :  October 2009
  • “From Crosswords To Cross Stitch”  Interview in Just CrossStitch magazine: May/June 2008
  • Patrick Creadon, director of Wordplay. Featurette interview of Elizabeth C. Gorski, author of “High Definition” Wordplay DVD