There’s a new OREO on the scene, and his name is Candy Corn

Every so often we have to reinvent ourselves, right? For good or for ill, Nabisco’s latest cookie variation offers another crossword clue angle for OREO.

Introducing . . . candy corn-flavored OREOS! It’s all part of a limited edition rollout, just in time for Halloween (which is two months away).

This OREO features golden cookies filled with orange-and-yellow “creme.”

Let the candy corn migraines begin!

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2 Responses to There’s a new OREO on the scene, and his name is Candy Corn

  1. DK Fennell says:

    Wow. Is this another example that we are reprising the end of the Roman Empire?

    There are some ideas that look great in retrospect, but needed some forward-looking person to actually think them up in the first place. Like the Great Wall of China or Federal Express or iced tea. This, however, is not one of them.

    I thought I had read that the drought in the Midwest had devastated this year’s crop of candy corn. I wonder where Nabisco got its supply.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Candy corn is one of those all-sugar candies that sneak up on you. The first three pieces taste pretty good. But then, without warning — the fourth piece knocks you out of your Eames chair. Stomach aches, migraines — the Mighty Candy Corn has triumphed once again!

      Remember Nabisco’s Double Stuf cookie? Sugar, sugar!!

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