this is why Monday puzzles have to be easy

Good afternoon.  It’s Monday.

  • Standard & Poor’s has downgraded the country’s credit rating
  • Right now, the Dow is down over 442 points
  • The outlook on Warren Buffett’s debt is lowered from “stable” to “negative”

Instead of checking the 401k, it’s better to listen to the blues . . . specifically Stormy Monday.

Today calls for triple-strength blues therapy. Three interpretations of “Stormy Monday” — performed by AAA-rated Monday puzzle regulars EVA Cassidy, ETTA James and ERIC Clapton.


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5 Responses to this is why Monday puzzles have to be easy

  1. Joanne says:

    Haha with all this other crap going on, we need Monday puzzles just to give us an ego boost!

  2. Joe Krozel says:

    Monday puzzles are intended to be easy, but they also tend to be void of my favorite type of clue: those involving word play. Yes that takes a little extra mental energy, but clever misdirection is one thing I always marvel at with clues. (I suppose one could argue that without such trickery everything else falls in the you-either-know-it-or-you-don’t category). So, place me in the late-week solver category!

    • elizabeth says:

      The weekly puzzle cycle is like a mini Four Seasons. I still like Monday puzzles because they’re like a breezy summer day — easy and uncomplicated. I know that the tough stuff is only four days away and I need the breather before tackling another toughie on the Scoville Scale . . . Saturday is Habanero and Monday is Tofu! 🙂

      • Joe Krozel says:

        Alas, Monday puzzles have a way of feeling like a standardized exam to me! With straightforward clues, it’s as if one has no good excuse for not getting every entry the first time through! At least when Thursday rolls around I can get a satisfying “aha” when the misdirection is revealed; Even if I only get a Thursday entry via the crossing entries, I at least get a good chuckle when I find out why! On Mondays, I simply feel like I’m missing things that everyone else considers obvious. (Wonder if anyone else feels this way).

  3. KarmaSartre says:

    This past Saturday was a Scotch Bonnet.

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