Solve a Free Sunday-sized Crossword from Ben Tausig’s amazing “Curious History of the Crossword”

Ben Tausig's Crossword book In honor of Independence Day weekend, it seems fitting to celebrate independent puzzle providers. We salute Ben Tausig, the author of this amazing and intelligent book — The Curious History of the Crossword.  Are you looking for a perfect gift for that special solver in your life? This is it, ladies and gentlemen. But buyer beware … pick up an extra for yourself. If you walk out of the store with only one copy, you will end up keeping it. (Like I did.)  I would purchase this book for the gorgeous cover art alone, but there’s so much to love about this collection of 100 puzzles by the century’s top constructors. Ben’s beautiful prose will elate and inspire you.

As editor of the American Values Club crossword (, Ben elates subscribers on a weekly basis.  When he asked me to contribute to “The Curious History …” I was very flattered.  Ben has generously allowed us to offer one of those puzzles  –  “Plane Geometry” — for you to enjoy. 

And here’s some extra confetti icing on the Independence Weekend cake . . . after you solve the puzzle, please check out John Minarcik’s incredible animation of “Plane Geometry.”  The puzzle theme is something you might see during a summer weekend.  


Choose a solving option:

“Plane Geometry” 21x PDF: Click Here to download and print   (Recommended: Three pages — with a large, roomy grid; easy on the eyes)

or ……

“Plane Geometry” 21x PDF: Click here to download and print (One-page squished-in version … borrow a friend’s high-powered microscope) 

or ……

To solve on your desktop in Across Lite,  you’ll need a .puz file.  For some reason, WordPress won’t allow an upload right now. Write to me and I’ll happily send you the file! My email is: EGorski333[at]



Links to visit after you’ve solved the puzzle ….







“Plane Geometry” Solution grid: Click Here


Special animation of “Plane Geometry” created by John Minarcik (our good friend Popeye!)  Thank you, John!


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Crossword World Confidential: The “Ravishly” Interview


It’s my pleasure to announce that “Ravishly” magazine recently interviewed me about this life in crosswords. This is a short post, because I need to add RAVISHLY to my word list. That’s my life in crosswords: I spend a lot of time with my databases.

[Spoiler warning: Previously-published puzzle answers are revealed. We talk shop.]

Click here for the interview.  I hope you enjoy it!


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Try the L.A. Times Crossword on Father’s Day … and a bonus constructor interview

On this Father’s Day, please carve out some time to solve my crossword — “Pas de Deux” —  in the L.A. Times. Here’s to all those father-and-son and father-and-daughter crossword solving teams — you’re awesome.

[Spoiler alert] After you’ve solved the puzzle, check out  the newest constructor profile on C.C. Burnikel’s blog. C.C. is the multi-talented writer and constructor who presides over Crossword Corner.  She interviewed me about “Pas de Deux” and puzzle construction techniques/philosophy. Thanks, C.C. — I so enjoyed talking shop with you!


My father, Edward Gorski, as a young soldier stationed in Cairo.

On this day, I think of my Dad and how young was when he joined the Army. To my Dad, the military cryptologist, who taught me to love words . . .

Thank You for being my Father.

Love, Elzbieta


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