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Every now and then I have the pleasure of working with Mike Shenk, puzzle editor of The Wall Street Journal.  After 20-plus years of knowing Mike and working with him (first at Games and later at the WSJ), there’s only one way to define him: solid gold. Under his editorship, the Wall Street Journal crosswords and variety puzzles have flourished.

Mike is one of the good guys.  As a constructor, I am deeply grateful for his professionalism and compassion.

I’ve lost count of the number of puzzles Mike and I have collaborated on.  Whatever the number, I hope there will be many more. If you enjoy Sunday-size puzzles, please try my WSJ Friday puzzle, Freeze Frame, edited with loving care by Mike. No need to wait until tomorrow — the puzzle is already up. Click here for a free download!

Have a great weekend! ~Liz~


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Murder at the Crossword Tournament

BooksIt seems that the crossword tournament — typically a mild-mannered, cerebral and irenic way to wile away a few hours — is the perfect place to commit . . . murder.  Or so it seems to mystery writers who have the inside scoop on the demographic that attends such tournaments. Are wordies really a vengeful, murderous bunch?

(Full disclosure: I’ve attended crossword tournaments. On many occasions I’ve made tournament puzzles, which may have instilled murder-the-constructor thoughts among competitors.)

Robert Harris reports that his new Kindle book, “A Most Puzzling Murder,” is out and ready to download.  You can find it on Amazon.

At the ACPT — the mother of all crossword tournaments — mystery mavens sometimes ask me to sign their copies of Parnell Hall’s “Puzzled To Death,” a 2002 book with a murder-at-a-crossword-tournament twist.

More full disclosure: I haven’t read either book, but they’re on my list.

And so, for your holiday reading pleasure, we have two books about murders at crossword tournaments. Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that a “genre” is born.


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Crossword Nation’s Week 183 Puzzle Is Up!

Crossword Nation Bottoms Up 183

Crossword Nation: “Bottoms Up!” Week No. 183

Our brand-new puzzle — “Bottoms Up” — has been deployed to mobile and email subscribers. The title might hint at the consumption of adult beverages, but I’m not suggesting that’s the trick. In any event, we encourage you to reach for the QUAFF of your choice and enjoy the solve.

It’s Week 183 at Crossword Nation.

‘Tis the season to drink, solve and be merry!


You may read about our puzzles (spoiler warning: answers are disclosed) on Amy Reynaldo’s blog, Diary of a Crossword Fiend. Janie Smulyan reviews Crossword Nation puzzles on Tuesdays.

Subscribers receive early-bird delivery each Monday night.

Not a subscriber?  Check out some free sample puzzles and try us on for size.

Thank you for visiting our little house of puzzles!

 ~ Liz ~


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