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Our Puzzle-osophy

To satisfy a demand for fresh Tuesday-level puzzles, we created the Crossword Nation brand. The goal was simple: we'd hand-craft a weekly crossword and publish it within days of creation. We’d break the old newspaper model where puzzles are warehoused for weeks or months — or, in some cases, years — before they are published!

In 2011 we launched our first Crossword Nation puzzle. Solvers welcomed us with sharpened pencils, powered-up devices and extra brain bandwidth. Crossword fans asked for more and we obliged. Twelve years later, we’re still going strong.

Each week our subscribers receive a freshly-made themed puzzle for their solving pleasure. If you’re interested in high-quality, accessible brainteasers, please join our Crossword Nation family by subscribing to the weekly puzzle.

Solve for a relaxing challenge; or use our puzzles to flex your cortex in the morning. Crossword Nation puzzles will make you cogitate and smile.

We hope you’ll enjoy our artisanal “small batch” approach to puzzlemaking!

Cruciverbally yours,
Liz Gorski

Mobile Solving

If you’re a digital solver, we’ve got you covered. Try the Crossword Nation puzzle packs from our archived collection on the Stand Alone crossword apps

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